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Q: I have a website in 5 languages (and I cannot buy 5 different localized domains), which option is the best? To have different subdirectories (domain.com/en) or to have different subdomains? (en.domain.com)
如果網站有五種不同語言的內容, 網址應該如何取捨? 子目錄或子網域?

A: both versions are fine. I personally generally recommend using a subdomain when the sites are completely different and using subdirectories when it's more or less a shared site, but it's up to you.
當網站是完全獨立的可以用子網域, 若共用則使用子目錄

以上回答如果有聽沒有懂, 請參考:

搜尋引擎最佳化 : subdomain 與 subdirectory
搜尋引擎最佳化 : subdomain OR subdirectory

Q: If my sub domain got high Page Rank, how far it will contribute to the main domain?

A: PageRank is on a page-by-page basis. The PageRank of a page (on a subdomain or not) is based on the links to it.

雖然PageRank是以頁面來計算, 不會貢獻給上層網頁, 但是如果適當調整link, 可將link的PR貢獻給上層或其他網頁, 因此監看各頁的PR還是必須進行的

Q: Recently you posted on the webmaster central blog that you would suggest to not rewrite dynamic urls to static. Is there penalties for sites that rewrite? Would you suggest changing if a site has 5+ years history? Can you discuss further? Thanks.

A: great question. If your site is already doing well and you have rewrites, then you're probably doing them properly so please don't worry about it.
Feel free to spend time on your content and business! Yay! :)
In our blog post, we wanted to discourage new sites, or less experienced webmasters, from feeling they HAD to use rewrites. We've improved our processing of dynamic URLS, so there's no need for newer webmasters to be afraid of them any longer.

在以往靜態URL的SERP比動態URL要好, 但是目前已經沒有差異

Q: Sub-Domains are considered as a new site for Search Engines, if a 5 years old site which uses forums.domain.com, www.domain.com now plans to add shop.domain.com and download.domain.com will this take another few years for both new domains to get rank?

A: PageRank is purely at a page level, so if you forums.domain.com has a high PageRank and links to new urls such as download.domain.com, that PageRank will flow immediately.
如果舊站有高PR, 並且指向新站, 新站很快就會有影響

不管子網域或次目錄等, 應該善用高PR的頁面, 逐步培養新的頁面

Q: Will it make any difference between a shared IP and a dedicated IP on SEO or search results, as opinions are divided on this aspect?

A: most of the web is on shared IP addresses, so it doesn't make much sense for us to give those on dedicated IP addresses any advantages. That said, if your server is struggling with the load of your website, it might make sense to move to a dedicated server that helps to make sure that your users are happy when visiting your website.

PageRank與SERP並不會以IP來ranking, 只會以IP來判斷區域

Q: If I 301 redirect a well-ranked page to a new domain with the exact same content, will all of the rankings be replaced with the new domain once it has been indexed? How long after indexing can we expect the swap? And is the same thing true for 302s?
301 redirect是否會轉移PR, 那302呢?

A: If you're moving from one URL to another (even if it's on a different domain), ranking signals can be passed via a 301. A 302 is used for temporary redirects, so this is less likely to transfer ranking signals.
301 redirect可用於網站轉移, 302只是暫時

詳見 : SEO策略: PR5+PR4=PR6?

Q: Google takes 200 signals for ranking a query and PR is one among those. If that is the case, why is it still showed prominently on toolbar. Any possibility of seeing PR info dropped from Google toolbar?
之前說過Google使用200個因素來判斷SERP, 為何toolbar要顯示PR...

A: PageRank is just one signal that we use, but it's also one of the easiest metrics to show to users and an easy one to understand where the metrics come from. So I think it's something that still provides value to users and still makes sense to show to them in the Google Toolbar.

本站文章已經就各種不同因素說明, 200個因素要說好久...慢慢再說明啦

Q: How often does your search algorithm change?

A: We change the algorithms all the time - last year we had over 450 changes.
經常, 去年修正了超過450次

參考前文"SEO觀點 : SEO面對的是巨變的環境"

Q: Should I be using hyphens instead of underscores in my URLs to improve a page's rank?

A: For the time being, I would recommend still using hyphens instead of underscores. If you're already using underscores and that's working fine for you and your rankings, it's not worth switching. But if you're doing a new site, then I would go with hyphens.

參考: SEO策略 : 如何產生更多的backlink?

Q: Does link: gives exactly the number of back links to a site?

A: The link: operator only shows a sampling of links to a site, so it may not show all of the links that Google knows about. To find more information about backlinks to your own site, we give verified site owners more information about backlinks in Webmaster Tools:
非也, 只是列出代表性, 並非所有backlink, 可以參考上述連結

只有在Webmaster Tools中的資料才是完整資料

Q: If my website "A", linking to website "B", and "B" linking back to "A" - am I going to be penalized? Does linking strategies still work?
如果A頁連到B, 然後B又連回A, 是否會被懲罰?

A: Participating in linking schemes to impact ranking is not advised it's against the webmaster guidelines.
The best linking strategy is to create a site with unique content or services that people want to link to. Then publicize it.

link schemes需要好好想想, 並非都不行, 但某些狀況不行, 請詳讀上述link

Q: Are you going to focus more on personalised search? If so, these results we currently look at won't really matter, as different sites will be at #1 for different people, right? - thank you :)

A: that's right -- with personalized search it's possible that each user sees slightly different search results. We try to make those search results unique and compelling enough to make the user go visit and stay on the sites listed -- so if your site is really awesome, chances are high that we'd be recommending it to users as well :-).

參考 : "Personal search is coming : 個人化搜尋將全盤改變SEO"


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