Facebook曾經在去年推出「modern messaging system」,並且有別於一般的電子郵件概念,這個訊息系統推出之後,其實也沒有造成多大的影響,現在Facebook再次為了這個訊息系統,將MailRank的創辦人找來,打算讓這個系統能夠有不同的樣貌 …

這兩位MailRank的創辦人Bethanye McKinney BlountBryan O’Sullivan,原本創立MailRank主要是解決郵件過多的問題,人們因為每天大量的信件而無法分級處理,如果能夠依照簡單的規則讓重要的信件輕易的被看見,那麼就能夠提高工作效率。

根據MailRank的這篇資料”The future of MailRank’s open source technologies“,他們的解決方案有以下重點 (因為可能以後該頁面可能不見,所以複製如下):

  • pronk (not yet actually released) is an application for load testing web servers. Think of it as similar to httperf or ab, only more modern, simpler to deal with, and with vastly better analytic and reporting capabilities.
  • configurator is a library that allows fast, dynamic reconfiguration of a Haskell application or daemon.
  • aeson is a JSON encoding and decoding library optimized for high performance and ease of use.
  • text-format is a library for printf-like text formatting.
  • mysql-simple is an easy-to-use client library for the MySQL database. It is several times faster than its competitors, and easier to use. It is built on top of the low-level mysql library.
  • riak-haskell-client is a client for the Riak decentralized data store.
  • blaze-textual is a library for efficiently rendering Haskell data as text.
  • double-conversion is a very fast library for rendering double precision floating point numbers as text, based on the code from the V8 Javascript engine.
  • resource-pool is a fast resource pooling library.
  • snappy provides Haskell bindings to Google’s extremely fast snappy compression library.
  • base16-bytestring provides fast handling of base16-encoded data.
  • hdbc-mysql provides a MySQL transport for the HDBC database access library. (Yes, we recommend using mysql-simple instead!)
  • 綜合上面的說明,可以知道他們的技術是透過改寫一些程式庫來提升原本處理資料的功能並且分析資料,並且提供了一套簡單的組態編輯方式讓使用者客製化一些規則。



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